Notes from the Beach on Marine Mammal Deaths

It seems that the marine mammal deaths have quieted down. Or perhaps they are being kept quite a bit more. After the release of the details of the deaths by the government, it has left many beachgoers doubtful and distrustful of NOAA. As a protected species observer I have been on the beaches most days in order to collect data on species that wash up. There is something very strange going on off the coast. and it seems the public has decided that the deaths have something to do with the offshore wind development projects. NOAA has done everything to discourage this hypothesis and as a result landed themselves at odds with the public. The vast majority of people I see on the beach want the wind projects stopped. This is from all sides of the political spectrum. NOAA has waded into a political firestorm and I don’t think they even know how mad the public is with them. I think this is not over and I think there is much not being told the public. Perhaps it is time for an independent investigation by World Wildlife Fund or another conservation agency to see what results the can find. I am sure if NOAA has nothing to hide they will welcome an outside investigation.