Podcast 6


Hello and Welcome to the sixth podcast of Hunting the Real Jaws.

This podcast seeks to solve one of the oldest biological mysteries of the Jersey Shore. The shark attacks of 1916.

I am your host, biologist and environmental journalist, Bob Heyer.

Last week we looked at the second attack by the real Jaws. All remained quiet until July 6, 1916 in Spring Lake.

The third attack would take place on July 6th when Charles Bruder, age 27, was attacked at Spring Lake.

He was swimming about 400’ from the shore when struck by the shark. He received bites to the abdomen and lower legs. Both lower legs were amputated by the shark. Sadly, he died of his wounds.

Charles Bruder, aged 27, was a bell captain at the Essex and Sussex Hotel. The building still remains, but is no longer a hotel

Charles was a Swiss national working for the summer and this was his third season there.

Bruder was swimming about 130 yards from the shore off the Hotel beach when he was attacked by a large shark.

He had been swimming beyond the life ropes, a good distance from shore.

A woman heard screams from the beach and reported to a lifeguard that a “red canoe” had overturned in the water. There was no canoe, Bruder’s blood was filling the water.

Lifeguards Chris Anderson and George White quickly rowed to Bruder’s aid.

The shark continued the attack as the rowboat approached.

As they lifted him out of the water, they noted he felt lighter than expected. They saw he had a large bite to the abdomen and was missing parts of both legs.

He reportedly was conscious for a short time and noted a shark had bit his legs off. Bruder bled to death in the rowboat before they could make it to shore.

Bruder’s right leg was lacerated and was severed halfway between the ankle and knee.

 His left foot was missing. His left leg was denuded of flesh.

Many resort goers from the Essex-Sussex Hotel were so overcome by the horror they needed to be carried to their rooms.

In addition to the attack a few days before in Beach Haven there were reports of many large sharks noted in newspapers from the New York City area.

Weather was reported to have been very hot with a slight sea breeze. The tide was going out at the time of the attack.

On July 7th– A large (12’) shark was spotted just beyond the lifelines at Asbury Park.

July 7th– Colonel Schaeffler of Governor Fielder’s staff organized a motor boat patrol of the shore with the hopes of driving away sharks. The newspaper reported that the patrol will be made up of experienced fisherman.

And so, the third attack of the real jaws had taken place.  Next show we will try to put these first three attacks in perspective.

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