6th Long Island Attack this summer!


 July 20, 2022


Fire Island, Kismet Beach

Unprovoked Non-Fatal Attack

An 18-year-old male, Max Haynes, was surfing when he was bitten on the foot. The victim was paddling in the water about 45 feet from the shore when bitten. “He went straight for my foot and clamped down, it felt like my foot was broke” said the victim. The victim stated it held on for three seconds. He kicked it repeatedly and it fled.

 He was able to remove himself from the water and was transported to the hospital. He injury was reported to be a 4-inch laceration to the right foot.

A dead juvenile between 7 and 8’ in length washed up in the area earlier, but had no connection to the attack.

The shark was reported to be about 6’ long with the species involved unknown at this time.