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Podcast 1

Hello and Welcome to the first podcast of Hunting the Real Jaws.

This podcast seeks to solve one of the oldest biological mysteries of the Jersey Shore. The shark attacks of 1916.

 During the hot summer of 1916 the Jersey Shore played host to a series of shark attacks leaving 4 dead, 3 injured, and several people lucky to have escaped with their lives. These attacks would later be the inspiration for the novel “Jaws” as well as several books and documentaries.

Though often written about, new evidence has come to light putting a new perspective on the attacks.

To this day the culprit, or culprits, responsible for this spree killing have not been brought to conclusion.

This podcast will explore the evidence, old and new, to try to solve the who and why of this biological killing spree.

I am your host, Bob Heyer.

My background is as a biologist & investigative environmental journalist living on the New Jersey Shore. I have a degree in biology from Monmouth University & studied marine wild life management in South Africa and Australia. I am co-author of the Book Shark Attacks of the Jersey Shore on history press. And co- author of Shark Attacks in New York waters due out this spring, also from history press. I have investigated shark attacks of the East Coast of the United States with my reports recorded in the International Shark Attack File and Global Shark Attack File.

In 1998 I started the New Jersey Shark Attack file to investigate all possible incidents of shark attack within the waters of New Jersey.

 Due to the close proximity and similar habitat with New York City the file was expanded in 2017 to include all incidents in New York and Connecticut waters. After input from local lifeguards the file was updated to include other types of dangerous marine life incidents including jellyfish stings, stingray incidents, other hazardous encounters.

The goal of NJSAF is to place all available data on shark attacks in one useful form to aid in the prevention of future incidents. The primary audience of the file is lifeguards, journalists, surfers, beachgoers and anyone interested in Atlantic sharks.

The Hunt for the Real Jaws podcast is an outgrowth of the file with each show we plan to presenting short, fact-filled copy that will encourage you to join the hunt

Sharks are very important to the health of our environment. It is my sincere hope that we can learn to share their home without harm to human or shark.

Hope to see you in upcoming podcasts! Don’t forget to check us out at http://www.njsaf.com

And check out my book Shark Attacks on the Jersey Shore: a History on Arcadia History Press.

Until next time! This is Bob Heyer saying Stay safe on the shore!