2022 Research Goals

So as the summer beach season starts on the Jersey Shore, NJSAF will be starting up research again. This years goals are concentrating on the 1916 shark attacks. “Again! “you might say! “there are books out there already”, This is true, but none of the books, despite their names, put a definitive end to the topic. And they can’t because none of them have the whole story. Our blog “Hunting the Real Jaws” and book by the same name will address the topic with new evidence. Evidence including new attacks, previously unreported and taking in historical facts that were not reported before the release of my last two books. It is my sincere hope to finally bring to conclusion what really happened here that summer and why. On a more lighter note we will also be working on a book documenting the sightings of sea serpents over the years on the NJ shore and notes from our investigation into many historical marine mysteries including reports of giant squids, mysterious animals, and even mermaids. I hope you will join us for the summer of investigation!